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If you have ever visited a hospital then there is a good chance that you have heard the word CMO. It is an abbreviation that is regularly used in our everyday life. But do you know the full form of CMO? If you don’t then there’s no need to worry because we have written this post for the same. Read the complete post to get a detailed brief about the acronym CMO.

Full form of CMO List

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CMOChief Medical OfficerDesignations

CMO: Chief Medical Officer

The full form of CMO is Chief Medical Officer. CMO is a senior government official of the public health department. This post is given to a physician who leads a team of medical experts in any matter of public health.

In countries like United States, the designation of CMO is named Surgeon General and in Canada, it is known as the Cheif Public Health Officer. By extension, CMO is also used as a job title in private hospitals as well. It is a title given to the lead physician of the hospital.

As the name suggests a CMO is the top official of a government hospital. In India, the CMO of a government hospital is responsible for the development, maintenance and monitoring of health care services in his area. He is the one responsible for the proper functioning of the hospital and other health care facilities in his area.

The Cheif Medical Officer also acts as a link between the hospital staff and physicians of the hospital. He is also responsible for implementing the various health-related schemes of the government.

There are some more full forms of CMO which are not so popular but we have listed them below for reference purposes:

CMOChief Marketing Official
CMOObbia Airport
CMOCivil-Military Operations

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