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Do you know what is the full form of the abbreviation IDK or the full forms of IDK in chat? It is used a lot in our everyday lives, yet some of us do not know the IDK full form. To help these people out we have come up with our post on the different full forms of IDK. IDK is also used in commonly used in chat. So if anyone needs to know about the full forms of IDK in chat then also he/she can refer to this article.

IDK Full Form List

full form of IDK
AbbreviationFull Forms/ Long Form/ DefinitionCategory
IDKI Don't KnowSlang
IDKIntegrated Development KitComputer, Software Development

1) IDK: I Don’t Know

The most common full form of the abbreviation IDK is “I don’t know” It is used very often in our everyday lives. Generally, people these days to save time and effort while chatting use IDK in place of typing I don’t know. This long-form of IDK in chat is widely used on social media these days. It saves the effort of typing the complete letters as well as helps us become lazier.

full form of IDK
Different full forms of IDK in chat

1) IDK: Integrated Development Kit

The other widely used IDK full form is the “Integrated Development Kit” which is equally important. It is widely used in the software development industry. The Integrated Development Kit is most of the time referred to as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Both IDK and IDE mean the same. IDK’s are a kind of software applications that provide a wide variety of tools to the computer programmers and software engineers for software development. Hence IDK/IDE provides a comprehensive environment to the developer and aids in efficiently writing computer programs and software. Finally, there are 4 basic components of an IDK which are listed below:

  1. Source Code Editor
  2. Build Automation Tools
  3. Debugger
  4. Interpreter/Compiler
full form of idk
IDK Full Form

Integrated Development Kits these days have support for online code management services such as Github. This helps the developers to write code more easily and more efficiently. For instance, the use of Github allows the developers to collaborate and publish their code easily. To summarize, we have compiled a list of some popular IDK’s which are very popular among software engineers nowadays.

  • Amethyst
  • Android Studio
  • Anjuta DevStudio
  • AppBuilder
  • Aptana Studio
  • Arduino IDE

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