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Full Forms of INS List

full form of ins
AbbreviationFull Forms/ Long Form/ DefinitionCategory
INSIndian Naval ShipGovernment, Military

1) INS: Indian Naval Ship

The most popular full form of the acronym INS is Indian Naval Ship. It is used by the Indian Navy to name its ships. INS is used as a prefix to the name of the ship. For example, if the name of the ship is Vikrant then it will be called INS Vikrant.

full form of ins

Indian Navy is one of the biggest navies in the world. Currently with 67,252 personnel, 137 ships and 246 aircraft it protects the coastline of India. The Indian Navy works in conjunction with the Indian Army and Indian Air Force to detect and defeat threats against India. It protects the maritime interests of India as well maintains the trade routes to India. Through joint exercises, goodwill visits and humanitarian missions, including disaster relief, the Indian Navy promotes bilateral relations between nations.

The list of some other full form of INS is given. These full forms of INS are not som popular but are equally important. Hence, this list can also be used as a reference:

  • Immigration and Naturalization Services
  • Information Network Services
  • Institute for Nuclear Study

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