Full form of RPS

Do you know what is the full form of the acronym RPS? RPS is a term that is widely used but most people do not know its full form. To help you, people, out we have written this post on the full forms of RPS. We have given below a list of the various full forms of the acronym RPS:

Full form of RPS List

AbbreviationFull Forms/ Long Form/ DefinitionCategory
RPSRedundant Power SupplyEquipment Full Forms
RPSRao Pahlad Singh SchoolsEducational Full Forms

1) RPS: Redundant Power Supply

The most popular full form of RPS is “Redundant Power Supply”. A redundant power supply is a kind of power supply unit which has two or more batteries each one of which is capable of running the equipment on its own. As the name suggests in an RPS or Redundant Power Supply there is an extra battery that is also capable of running the equipment on its own. The extra is present as a backup battery. So in case the battery somehow fails then the RPS automatically switches to the extra battery. As a result, there is no downtime in case the battery fails.

RPS: Rao Pahlad Singh Schools

The other full form of RPS is Rao Pahlad Singh School. RPS Group of Schools is a belt of schools in Northern India. The RPSGOI was founded by Rao Pahlad Singh who is a renowned criminal lawyer in the year 1998. The RPS Group of Schools is based in Mahendergarh, Haryana. After Mahendergarh the RPSGOI established its branch in Rewari in the year 2012. After that, they have expanded to various cities. They have various branches all over Haryana. The current CEO of RPSGOI is Manish Rao.

We have listed some other full forms of RPS in the list below. These full forms of RPS are not that much popular but we have still mentioned them for reference purposes.

RPSRevolutions Per Second
RPSRecord and Playback System
RPS Royal Photographic Society
RPS Royal Pharmaceutical Society
RPS Reform Party of Syria
RPSRubber Producers Society

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