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Have you heard of the acronym SRY? Most of the people who are active on social networks must have seen the word SRY in their chats. But some of us don’t know its full form. To help you, people, out we have written this article on the full form of SRY.

Full Form of SRY List

AbbreviationFull Forms/ Long Form/ DefinitionCategory
SRYSorryChat Abbreviations
SRYSex Determining Region YScientific Full Forms

SRY: Sorry

The most popular full form of SRY is “Sorry”. SRY is mostly used during chat conversations. People instead of writing the complete word “sorry” use “SRY”. Earlier when chats relied upon SMS this helped people to say the characters but now it’s probably done due to a habit of saving the effort of typing two more characters.

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SRY: Sex determining Region Y

Sex determining Region is another important full form of SRY. The SRY gene contains the instructions for making a protein called the sex-determining region Y protein. This protein is the reason behind male sexual development. There are 46 chromosomes in each cell. In these 46 chromosomes, there are two chromosomes which are called “X” and “Y”. These two chromosomes are responsible for determining the sex of the offspring. Females have XX chromosomes while males have an XY combination of chromosomes.

The above mentioned SRY gene is found in the Y chromosome. The protein produced acts as a barrier to the development of the female reproductive system. Hence, causes the fetus to develop the male reproductive system.

There are also some more full forms of SRY present. But they are not so significant and popular. But for reference purposed we have briefly listed them below:

SRYShip Repair Yard
SRYSolid Rock Youth 
SRYSherwood Rangers Yeomanry 
SRYSaraswati River Yoga
SRY Southern Railway of British Columbia Limited
SRYState Reporting Year 

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