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Full Form of STF List

full form of STF
AbbreviationFull Forms/ Long Form/ DefinitionCategory
STFSpecial Task ForceGovernment, Military

1) STF: Special Task Force

The term STF is used to refer to the “Special Task Force” in India. An STF can be created by any of the states. It is created to deal with a specific problem. An STF is primarily created due to a lack of adequate police force to deal with major criminals, terrorists, insurgency and other anti-national activities. The first STF was created by the state of Tamil Nadu. It was formed to deal with one of the biggest poachers of the decade Veerappan. After that, an STF was formed by the State of Punjab also. This time it was formed to deal with insurgency which became a major issue in the state back in the 1980s.

The states of Uttrakhand and Uttar Pradesh have also formed the STF. Looking at the increasing crime rates and the police not being able to control it, the Government of Uttar Pradesh formed an STF to deal with the issue. The decision of the State Government of UP has proved to be correct so far. Due to a couple of encounters and strict actions by the STF criminals are running for their lives. The crime in the State has decreased to a great extent. After the formation of the STF, a lot of criminals surrendered. The current Chief Minister of UP has been praised greatly for his decision to form an STF to control the situation.

We have briefly listed the other full forms of STF in the list below. These full forms of STF are not popular but can be used as a reference.

  • Stephen Island Airport – An Airport in Australia
  • Supremo Tribunal Federal – Federal Court of Justice

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